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CryoConcepts–Home of "The Cryo Experts"

CryoConcepts, cryosurgery technology solutions

Cryosurgical Devices for Medical, Veterinary & Esthetics Practices

CryoConcepts is the global leader in portable cryosurgery and cryotherapy products. Our passion for developing new solutions for physicians, veterinarians, and skin care professionals dates back to 1991 when we introduced the Histofreezer® brand to the US market.  Histofreezer® is the global market leader for treating verruca (warts) and a wide range of other skin conditions.  

All Things Cryo

We offer the broadest line of cryo-based products ranging from portable cryo pens (CryOmega® & CryoClear®) to a desk-top sized unit called CryoLab® that offers fantastic new features and great economics. Our patented flow control technology allows us to use cryogens that are both eco-friendly and deliver outstanding patient outcomes. This technology is featured in our next generation Histofreezer® FLEX, which is currently launching in the US Physician market.

Cryosurgery and Cryotherapy Experts

Our “all things cryo” product strategy allows us to be a global player as we sell in over 40 countries. Cryoconcepts also has partnerships with some of the world’s largest consumer products companies and retailers. So, when you’re looking for innovation and the highest quality standards in the world of cryosurgery and cryotherapy, you’ve come to the right place.


The New Cold Standard

Introducing Histofreezer® FLEX

The biggest advancement in cryosurgery in over 28 years.
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