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The perfect choice for cryosurgery in small animal practices

CryOmega Vet DD canister-portrait

CryOmega® Vet Dual Delivery combines the portability of a canister with the effectiveness found in more expensive liquid nitrogen-based units.

Better Design for Better Outcomes

Cryosurgery is fast becoming the standard of care for treating many skin lesions common to Veterinary practices. The reason is cryosurgery does not require anesthesia, sutures, antibiotics, and long healing times associated with surgical removal.  

CryoConcepts has led the way with new research that shows longer freezing times and multiple freeze-thaw cycles are the two keys to achieving successful, first-time results. So, you will need a device with enough gas to deliver a large amount of cryogen that is also economically feasible. CryOmega® Vet Dual Delivery meets both of those requirements to successfully treat lesions in your practice.

Great Outcomes with Less Trauma

Traditional methods of lesion removal are costly, time consuming, and pose risk from wound infection. Surgical removal requires anesthesia, sutures, and antibiotics. This creates trauma for the pet who will likely scratch or lick the treatment site, resulting in return visits. Now, there is a safe and effective alternative that delivers great outcomes and minimizes the cost of lesion removal. CryOmega® Vet Dual Delivery is an advanced portable cryosurgical device that dispenses cryogen gas using either buds or cones directly onto the treatment site. With CryOmega® Vet Dual Delivery, you will never have to wait for a dental again!