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Treat lesions of all sizes. No general anesthesia. Low cost per treatment.

Improved Delivery System

You can treat lesions at any angle and CryoLab’s illuminated wand ensures the treatment area is visible.

Pre-set Protocols

Focus on the treatment site not treatment time, 2 simple push-and-go treatment times ensure you will not over or under treat target area.

Real-Time Gas Level indicator

Our visual gas level indicator is a breakthrough—know when to re-order and never run out of gas.

Refillable Cylinders

Reusable cylinders are good for the environment and will deliver over 800 treatments. Cylinder exchange is easy, and installation takes less than 1 minute.


Animal cryosurgery targeting hard to reach lesions, skin tags, warts, cysts and tumors

Advanced Wand Design

Our Omni-Directional, lighted wand allows you to treat lesions from any direction

CryoLab vet machine for pets

Pre-Set Timer

Our timer allows you to focus on the treatment site

Cylinder Level Indicator

Now you know when you need to reorder gas

CryoLab easy lock valve for gas cylinder

Easy Lock Valve

Securing the gas cylinder is easy and ensures safety

CryoLab medical refillable cylinder

Refillable Cylinders

Our canister refill program makes refills easy and convenient

cool lifting

Free Training

CryoLab comes with free 30 minute Quickstart training and Certified Training is available.


CryoLab Vet allows you to treat abnormal skin lesions with less trauma and delivers great outcomes to your patient animals. Cryosurgery eliminates the need for general anesthesia, sutures and the need for antibiotics.


CryoLab uses Nitrous Oxide which can be used to treat a wide variety of abnormal masses or lesions including:


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