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Cryosurgery Technology | by CryoConcepts | The Industry Leaders

Cryosurgery is the standard of care for treating common skin problems including common warts (verruca vulgaris), skin tags (acrochordon), sun spots (actinic keratosis), and many more. 

We offer a comprehensive line of cryosurgery equipment. For the US physician market, we have multiple innovative and efficient cryosurgery technology solutions. Helping you find which cryosurgical tool is right for your medical practice is the key to our success. That is why we provide the most extensive range of cryosurgical products from very portable pen-like devices to high volume desk-top units.

CryoConcepts – We’re the CryoExperts

CryoConcepts is committed to delivering the safest and most effective cryosurgical devices. As a result, we are industry leaders innovating cryo-based products, with more than 80 years of collective experience.

Cryosurgery Devices For Your Practice

We know what is crucial to you- reliability, easy-to-use and maintain, and a portable device. So, whether the CryoLab® Medical desk-top device meets your practice’s needs or you enjoy the compactness of the Histofreezer® or CryOmega® pen, we know one of our cryotherapy products will become a favorite and frequently used piece of equipment in your medical practice.