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The New COLD Standard

Histofreezer FLEX is a revolutionary advance in portable cryosurgery that delivers a colder, environmentally-friendly cryogen, and our canister works with buds or cones. Every improvement was designed with one goal in mind – better first-time results for your patients.

*Histofreezer FLEX can only be purchased from medical product distributors
HistoFreezer skin tag freezer

Single Handed Simplicity

Say Goodbye to Cryo Products That Require two hands to Use — You Only Need one hand for Histofreezer FLEX

Why Histofreezer FLEX?

  • NEW patented flow control technology has superior efficiency and eliminates splattering of cryogen
  • NEW cryogen gas gets colder immediately, is nonflammable, and environmentally friendly
  • NEW open design allows users to choose buds or cones
  • NEW handle design allows for single hand delivery of gas via a cone
  • NEW canister is reusable—less environmental impact
  • NEW cone design allows for deeper freezing with less gas used
  • NEW bud design uses less gas and can be recharged to treat multiple lesions
  • NEW bud material can be customized to treat smaller lesions
  • NEW packaging can be used as a shipper to return empty canister

Histofreezer FLEX Training Videos

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